Meister Crown Gym Bag & Locker Deodorizer


Model #: 1088GBD

- Absorbs unwanted moisture and odor to keep your gear hygienic
- Leaves your stuff smelling fresh with Cedar or Fresh Linen aroma
- Increases life of textiles by avoiding breakdown from moisture
- High quality flannel and premium aromatic, absorbent fillings
- Works great in a Gym Bag, Locker, Closet and more
- Lays flat and fits almost anywhere

Additional Details

Working out = sweat = gym stink. Sweaty gear leaves persistent smell and moisture that can hang around in your gym bag or locker even if you wash your gear regularly. The Meister Crown Deodorizer kills gym stink and leaves your gear smelling fresh.

Constructed from high quality flannel, this Meister deodorizer is built to last. Stuffed inside is your choice between two highly absorbent and aromatic options: premium red Cedar chips or activated Fresh Linen blend. The porous flannel and superior absorbent fillings combine to draw moisture out of your gear, and leave it smelling refreshed.

The Meister Crown Deodorizer lays flat to fit almost anywhere and works great in your gym bag, locker, closet or mud room. Get your Meister Crown Gym Bag & Locker Deodorizer today to kill that gym stink once and for all!


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