MeisterTape Premium Athletic Trainer's Tape - 15Yd - Black

Starting at: $3.49

Model #: 1070AT15BK

- Superior rigid athletic tape for use in all sports and medicine
- Hot melt 55 g/mē adhesive for excellent lasting tackiness
- Unwinds easily and consistently all the way to the core
- Tears easily by hand for a quick, convenient wrap
- 100% pure medical-grade cotton backcloth. Latex-free
- 15 yards x 1.5 inches. 50% longer than many other tapes

Additional Details

Whether you are taping an ankle, wrapping a hockey stick or securing your shin guards, MeisterTape is the premium athletic tape for the job. Designed for maximum tackiness for a long-lasting tack, this tape is not like generic brands on the market. MeisterTape unravels smoothly and consistently all the way to the core and tears easily by hand so you don't have to fumble with scissors. Designed thinner than many tapes to minimize bulk but without sacrificing strength. Any athletic trainer will be able to feel the difference in quality the second they start using it. With eye-catching colors, Meister always delivers a superior product with a flare for style. Shrink sealed for hygiene. Get the best, use MeisterTape for your next tape job.


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