Meister HEX Compression Arm Sleeves (Pair) - Black


Model #: 1082ASLBK

- True 20-25mmHg Graduated Compression for Athletes
- These are not the generic arm sleeves you will find elsewhere
- HEX design applies targeted tricep and forearm compression
- Helps improve circulation in the arms for faster muscle recovery
- Keeps arms warm - essential to performance
- Porous construction allows skin to breathe
- Lightweight and ultra-durable

Additional Details

Introducing the Meister HEX Compression Arm Sleeves for athletes. The HEX arm sleeves are not the generic thin arm sleeves everyone else carries. Featuring true 20-25mmHg graduated compression, these arm sleeves are designed for athletes who want to maximize performance and precision in their arms during workouts and competition. While traditional sleeves only cover the arms and offer minimal compression, the Meister HEX sleeves offer optimal graduated compression. This compression helps improve blood circulation in the arms to maximize output and to help muscles recover faster.

Constructed from an ideal blend of Nylon, Coolmax & Lycra, these sleeves are designed to keep the arms warm (which is essential to recovery), but still let them breathe. Targeted HEX compression on the triceps and forearms help stabilize the arm and aid in muscle recovery. Great for Running, Cycling, Basketball, Tennis, Weight Lifting and more.

Take care of your arms and upgrade your sleeves to the Meister HEX Compression Arm Sleeves.


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