Meister Grip Fit Weight Lifting Gloves - Black/Orange


Model #: 1064BKOR

- All-Purpose gloves for Weight Lifting, Crossfit & general workouts
- Unique Amara Leather and elastic mesh construction
- Conforms perfectly to the shape of your hand for a flawless fit
- Heavy duty Synthetic Padding covers all contact areas on palm
- Permeable Mesh Backing allows hands to breathe and wick sweat
- Pull Tabs on fingers and wrist make it easy to pull gloves off/on
- Sold as pair (2 gloves)
- Size Chart

Additional Details

Meister's Grip Fit Weight Lifting Gloves are designed to protect the your hands while allowing completely free movement. Most workout gloves either restrict your grip or offer limited protection. Not with Meister. Built from Amara Leather and permeable mesh backing, these gloves are tough but breathable. Ideally-positioned synthetic padding on the palm protects your whole grip, no matter if you're benching, using free weights, machines, kettlebells or cross-training like Crossfit. Maximum protection and comfort in one design - get your Meister Grip Fit Gloves today.


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