Meister XP2™ Professional Curved Thai Pads - Pair


Model #: 1105XP2TP2

  • Professional Thai Pads designed for high level kickboxing training
  • Slightly curved design with reinforced 4.5" power center target. Provides superior protection for kicking, punching, elbows and knee strikes
  • Ultra durable construction produced by hand using only the most premium leather hides
  • Padded forearm straps and reinforced leather handle perfectly secure pads comfortably in place
  • Versatile and lightweight at just over 2lb per pad. Can be worn as pair or single pad for different drills. 14.5" x 7.5" (37cm x 19cm)
  • Pair (2 Pads)

Additional Details

Designed for professional fighters and gym warriors alike, Meister XP2™ Professional Curved Thai Pads are a must-have for striking workouts.

Constructed from the most choice hides, these pads are designed to take a beating and keep on working. The slightly curved design helps keep strikes centered and contours to the forearm for a flawless fit. A reinforced 4.5" power center provides additional padding where you need it most.

Two padded forearm straps on the back of the pads allow for a custom fit and can be adjusted to fit any arm size. Solid leather handles provide a stable grip that won't bend or shift.

Weighing in at just over 2lb each, Meister XP2 Professional Curved Thai Pads are versatile enough for nearly any striking drill. Ideally sized at 14.5" x 7.5" each, the pads can be worn as a pair for multiple target training or individually for power striking. Don't settle for beginner pads, the Meister XP2 Thai Pads will immediately be your go-to gear for years to come.


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