Meister SpeedKills Latex Bladder for Speed Bags


Model #: 1120SBBLX

  • Premium replacement latex bladder for all speed bags
  • Lightweight SpeedKills design for fast and true rebounds
  • Super durable construction using only the highest quality latex on the market
  • Exclusive valve design locks in air and stem can be cut to any length
  • Conforms perfectly to the shape of your speed bag once inflated
  • Available in Small (for 7.5" tall speed bags), Medium (for 9.5" tall speed bags) and Large (for 10.5" tall speed bags)
  • Includes easy-to-follow instructions to replace your bladder

Additional Details

Don't let a deflated speed bag get you down! Replace the bladder with a Meister SpeedKills Latex Bladder and get back to work!

Constructed from premium quality latex, Meister SpeedKills Bladders are an upgrade for any speed bag. Designed to be both super durable and light, a Meister SpeedKills Bladder will provide faster and more precise rebounds for years to come. Once inflated, the bladder will conform perfectly to the inside of your speed bag for balanced performance.

The exclusive valve and nipple construction locks in air to keep your bag inflated longer between pumps. The extended stem can also be trimmed down to fit flush with the bottom of your speed bag. We make replacing the bladder in your speed bag quick and easy with included step-by-step instructions.

Choose the size that fits your speed bag. The Small bladder is for 7.5" tall speed bags, the Medium bladder is for 9.5" tall speed bags, and the Large bladder is for 10.5" tall speed bags. Height measurements do not include the hanging loop on the top of the speed bag so please measure accordingly.


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