Meister Elite Steel Plyo Jump Boxes - Deluxe Set 12" 18" 24" 30"


Model #: 1126PBES4SET

  • Professional gym-quality plyometric boxes designed to be a fixture in your gym, training room or home for years to come
  • High-strength steel construction provides stability for exercises and resists movement unlike lighter wood and foam boxes
  • Super durable rubber composite plyometric surface provides traction to help prevent slipping
  • Meister Elite Plyo Boxes are stackable and nest inside one another for easy storage
  • Upright 90° cube design allows for true vertical box jumps
  • Set includes 12", 18", 24" and 30" height Meister Elite Plyo Boxes
  • Shipping only available to Lower 48

Additional Details

Trainers and coaches who expect the best from their athletes know their equipment has to perform just as hard. Meister Elite Steel Plyometric Boxes are designed to stand up to tough workouts for years and years to come.

Meister Elite Steel Plyo Boxes are constructed from high-strength steel and designed to provide maximum stability for exercises. Unlike most wood, foam and cheap metal boxes these Meister boxes resist movement and make dynamic exercises safer. The top surface of each box features thick rubber-composite plyometric flooring that provides maximum traction and helps prevent slipping. The vertical upright cube design of these boxes also makes them ideal for vertical jumps.

Meister Elite Steel Plyo Boxes are both stackable to create additional height and nestable to save space when stored. Boxes are available in four heights: 12" (12" x 19" x 19"), 18" (18" x 23" x 23"), 24" (24" x 27" x 27") & 30" (30" x 31" x 31"). Available for purchase individually or as a Deluxe Set of 4 boxes.

Meister Elite Steel Plyo Boxes are professional gym-quality equipment. Don't settle for anything less than the best for your workouts. Get your Meister Plyo Boxes today!


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