Meister Heavy Bag Hardware Saver Kit w/ Spring


Model #: 1132HBHWKS

  • All-in-one kit to connect and protect your heavy bag and mount
  • Reduces wear and tear on heavy bag straps, mounts and mounting surfaces
  • Cushions heavy bag movement and provides consistent performance for years to come
  • Includes 4 screwlock carabiners, heavy duty swivel and Meister Heavy Bag Spring (for bags up to 250lb)
  • Measures 19" when fully extended. Swivel and individual carabiners can be removed to adjust length as needed

Additional Details

Properly installing your heavy bag is important to ensure you get the most out of your bag workouts and the longest life out of your equipment. The Meister Heavy Bag Hardware Saver Kit is the all-in-one solution to reduce wear and tear on your bag, straps, mount and mounting surface.

Included in the kit are 4 screwlock carabiners, a heavy duty swivel and a Meister Heavy Bag Spring (for bags up to 250lb). Measuring 19" when fully extended, the kit can be shortened or modified by removing the swivel or carabiners as needed to create a solution that works best for your bag and mount.

The Meister Heavy Bag Spring is designed specifically for heavy bags and cushions bag movement to provide consistent performance. High density screwlock carabiners make it easy to connect and disconnect your bag while acting as a buffer for your bag's straps and hardware.

Get the Meister Heavy Bag Hardware Saver Kit and maximize your heavy bag's performance for years to come!


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