Meister 90lb Filled X-Wide Boxing Heavy Bag w/ Double-End


Model #: 1138HB90XWBK

  • Professional gym-quality bag filled with 100% packed textiles for the perfect density
  • Extra Wide Boxing model with 15% larger striking surface than most heavy bags
  • Consistently solid and receptive to strikes. Meister heavy bags don't degrade or get lumpy over time unlike cheap sand-filled bags
  • Double-End D-Ring attachment on the bottom of the bag allows you to attach your bag to the floor or an anchor to minimize bag movement
  • Thick military-grade textured vinyl construction provides the ideal striking surface
  • Integrated heavy duty hanger straps with D rings make hanging your bag easy and quiet. No clumsy chains needed!
  • Built for both heavy commercial gym and home use
  • Includes reusable outer case to cover your bag during moving or storage
  • 44" length x 16" diameter
  • Free shipping to Lower 48
Gyms, Stores, Schools and Organizations
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Additional Details

The right heavy bag can make or break your striking workouts for years to come. Meister Heavy Bags are designed to be your ideal training partner and keep you coming back for more every session. Filled with 100% packed textiles, this heavy bag is consistently solid throughout and receptive to strikes. Meister heavy bags also won't settle or develop hard spots over time.

Measuring 44" tall by 16" in diameter, the Meister 90lb X-Wide Heavy Bag features a 15% larger striking surface than most heavy bags. The bottom of this bag features a Double-End attachment D-Ring to allow you to easily anchor it to the floor or a heavy bag anchor to minimize movement. The integrated 16" heavy duty hanger straps make hanging your bag quick and simple - no more clumsy noisy chains! Once installed the top of the bag will hang 12" below the D rings.

The Meister 90lb X-Wide Boxing Heavy Bag is constructed from military-grade textured vinyl which provides ideal comfort for bare skin strikes such as elbows and knees. This unique high-quality vinyl is designed to remain supple and won't dry out over time unlike traditional heavy bags.

Built to last by a brand that stands behind every piece of equipment, the Meister 90lb Filled X-Wide Heavy Bag is designed to withstand heavy use in commercial gyms. Ships in a reusable outer case so you can cover your bag during moving or storage. Get your Meister Heavy Bag today and get pounding!


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