16 Ounce Meister Pro Boxing Gloves - Black/Orange


Model #: 1052OR16

- Perfect for Heavy Bag Training and Fitness Workouts
- 16oz. Weight - Ideal for Adults
- Multi-Layered High Density Foam Padding
- Ultra-Durable Synthetic Leather Body
- Enforced Wrist Keeps Hand Properly Positioned
- Molded Fingers/Thumb Form an Ergonomic Fist

Additional Details

Meister's Pro Style Boxing Gloves are built to be the only pair of boxing gloves you'll ever need. Whether you're doing Heavy Bag Training, Fitness Workouts, or Sparring with a partner, the Meister Pro Style Boxing Gloves are designed to keep your hands and wrists protected from the abuse. Built from multi-layered high-density Impact Foam and double-stitched in an ultra-durable Synthetic Leather Body, Meister didn't cut any corners with these gloves.

The 12 Ounce Black/Pink gloves are designed for Women/Youth with smaller hands while the 14 & 16 Ounce Black/Orange gloves are ideal for Men with larger hands. Get your own pair of Meister Pro Style Boxing Gloves for your next workout! Comes in a zip-up carry case for storage between workouts. (Sold as a Pair)


Sean Notch

Date Added: 11/05/2016
These gloves were a bit of a disappointment. I have tried both these and Meisters silver series gloves, and they just don't stand up to regular training. Meister does a great job with customer service, but these gloves broke in 2 months. If you want to buy Meister and support local brands from MN, the EDGE series shin guards are a much better bet.

Matthew Haley

Date Added: 07/29/2016
Love these. Stylish and durable. Easy to break in. And despite the fact that they are synthetic leather, they didn't smell like plastic death. I will never train without Meister MMA.