Meister StickElite™ Pro Porous Athletic Tape - 15yd Black

Starting at: $7.99

Model #: 1103SE15BK

  • Strongest adhesive available on the market. Used in professional sports training rooms
  • Porous design with micro holes allows essential airflow to skin to reduce sweating
  • Unrolls evenly to the core - preferred by athletic trainers. Zig zag edge allows for tearing by hand
  • Thick rigid backcloth ideal for bracing and taping ankles, wrists, fingers and other joints
  • Also works great for wrapping hockey sticks, pull-up bars, baseball bats and more
  • Simply the best athletic tape available. Don't settle for generic white tape.
  • Latex-free. 15yd x 1.5in (13.7m x 3.8cm)
  • (Note: this is NOT elastic Kineseo Tape)

Additional Details

Athletes who demand the most from their bodies need an athletic tape that won't let them down in the middle of practice or competition. Designed to stick, support and breathe like no other tape on the market, Meister StickElite™ is truly premium athletic rigid strapping tape.

Meister StickElite Porous Athletic Tape is the results of hundreds of hours of research, lab-testing and field-testing. The result is an exclusive adhesive which adheres strongly to skin, prewrap, wood and metal. The cotton backcloth used is also significantly thicker than other tape on the market, making your wrap job stronger and more durable.

Possibly the most important aspect of Meister StickElite tape is the porous construction which is made up of thousands of microholes in the tape. This allows your skin to breathe and reduces sweating under the tape, which is not only more comfortable but also allows tape to stick even better.

Step up to the tape used by professional athletes around the world and stop wasting your money on generic white tape that doesn't work. Latex-free. 15yd x 1.5in (13.7m x 3.8cm).


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