Meister Weighted Wood & Leather Speed Rope


Model #: 1062SRWD

- 360 Degree Swivel spins effortlessly for a smooth rotation
- Made of Solid Wood and 100% Real Premium Leather
- 9ft Rope can easily be cut down and adjusted to your desired length
- 2oz weights embedded in both handles maximize your workout
- Ergonomic grip designs fit comfortably in your hands
- Vintage, premium feel and look. Stop playing with plastic toys
- Tough enough to withstand any rope skip regimen

Additional Details

Maximizing the effectiveness of your workout means better results. The Meister Weighted Speed Rope is designed to do just that. The No-Slip Handles are ergonomically shaped to naturally fit your hand and 2oz weights embedded in the handles add density to the natural wood to increase the strength workout for your arms. The 360 polished metal bearing on this Meister Speed Rope makes rotations smooth and effortless so your energy isn't wasted. This unique design also encourages good jumping posture and hand positioning by aligning the rope at 90 degrees from your hands. The 9ft authentic leather rope can be easily cut down and adjusted to fit your exact height. Vintage, classic feel in a modern functional design make this the ideal speed rope for the serious athlete.


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