Meister 1lb Neoprene Weighted Gloves - Black/Blue (Pair)


Model #: 1116WG1BK

  • Add weight resistance to any workout to increase strength and cardio intensity
  • Exclusive ergonomic design constructed from ultra-durable neoprene
  • Dense iron sand adds weight without bulk and conforms to hand
  • Extended wrist wrap secures the gloves tightly and adds stability
  • Compact and portable - exercise anywhere, anytime!
  • Finger pulls allow for easy removal
  • Replace dumbbells in home workout programs
  • Ideal for boxing and MMA heavy hands training

Additional Details

Whether you are looking to add intensity to your cardio workout or add arm strength with heavy hands training, Meister's 1lb Neoprene Weighted Gloves are the perfect addition to your workout arsenal. Compact and portable, you can bring them along when you travel, wear them during your next walk, or fit them inside boxing gloves.

Constructed from super durable and comfortable neoprene, these gloves are built to last and fit better than any glove on the market. The extended wrist wrap helps to secure the gloves and provide wrist stability. One pound of dense iron sand molds ideally on the back of the hand to keep your palm and fingers free.

Meister's 1lb Neoprene Weighted Gloves fit most hands and the finger pulls at the top of the palms allow you to pull them off easily.

Get your pair of Meister Weighted Gloves today to add weight and style to your workouts!


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